Twisted poker

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Twisted Poker

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The Chip Twist Tutorial


Any player who has a card that has the same rank as the card flipped over must discard it now. Make the minimum bet nothing.

Instead of high card losing, low card loses. Deal 2 down and one up.

Same as Russian, but low only. Price Is Right These chips are light at only 8g. Have the highest red total or the highest black total. The object of the game is to NOT have the highest card more than 3 times.

This submission was an entry in one of our fun contests. Looking for party ideas you can whip up at the last minute!? Designs on other chips look to impress your friends where the two strip twist looks more like a basic workhorse of a chip.

High and low split the pot. Connect with us on The poker chips are each worth a dollar.

Play it and see! Bet, then flip the next card on the board. Made my brain work in an exciting way!

Two Stripe Twist 8 Gram Poker Chips

Themed Party Ideas Home Sitemap. Players become locked when they have put in all of their stacks. Bet, flip the next card on the board.

Like our Facebook page for updates on new contest opportunities. Each player bets one poker chip per round. The dealer has a choice of keeping his card or using the top card on the deck.

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Each player passes 3 cards to the left, then 2 cards to the right, and finally, 1 card to the left. Continue betting and flipping until the top 4 cards have been exposed.

If at any time a player has no cards, then he wins the entire pot automatically when he discards his last one. The bet may be up to half of what is currently in the pot. Black cards clubs and spades have blackjack values and red cards hearts and diamonds are worth 0.

Make down-cards more expensive to twist away than up-cards. Once the game has gone once around the table, players may bet up to pot.

Same asbut only black cards clubs and spades have point values and red cards hearts and diamonds are worth 0. After the dealer makes his choice, players then show their cards, and the player with the highest card not counting Kings must put one of his stacks of chips into the pot.

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If someone is dealt a King, then he has to show it, all other players then show their cards, and the player with the highest card not counting Kings must put one of his stacks of chips into the pot. Bet, flip the card on top of the deck.

The order of hands for the bottom hand, from highest to lowest, is: Consider using all 7 cards. Each player makes 3 poker hands, a bottom, a middle, and a top.

Players may not re-order their cards later. Bet, then flip the first card, any players who have a card that matches this card must discard it now e.

Each player antes -- usually larger than the standard ante. If there is a tie, then the player with the most cards wins e. While I have not done the calculations, I am pretty sure that this changes the maximum number of players to 8. Players are dealt 1 down and 1 up. Some things to do with twisting: These chips feature a the straight flush, royal flush and quad aces depending on the chip on the top half of the inlay as well as the denomination of each chip in bold on the bottom half.

Then take the cards back and pass them out one at a time, starting with the person on your left, going clockwise and stopping once everyone has 5 cards.

If at any time, the dealer runs out of cards, the buried cards are shuffled and used. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If the player says yes, then he discards one card and the dealer replaces it with a fresh one from the deck, i.

Players asked to trade must trade. Players who have more than 7 cannot win low and players who have more than 27 cannot win high or low. Players sit in a circle with your group of friends, then shuffle the deck of cards a couple of times. Taught it to my kids and they had a blast - Beth I tried this game recently with my group of college buddies, and it was absolutely fun! This is fine for less than 5 people -- sober people.


It is possible that the dealer cuts to a King. The deal rotates to the left.

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Instead of allowing the player to choose the values of Aces: If a player declines a card 3 times in a row, then they are locked and cannot take a card later. If more than one player discards all of their cards, then the first one to the pot wins it all.


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